Hands-On with New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros.

While not the most innovatively named game of the summer, New Super Mario Bros. is definitely high up on my anticipation list, and Shacknews managed to get their hands on with the 2-D 3-D wundergame for the DS.

New Super Mario Bros.’ basic gameplay mechanics are what one would expect. You play as Mario (or Luigi!), traversing endlessly to the right, in classic 2D platforming style. The growth mushrooms are there, as are fire flowers, as well as a new blue shell powerup that works like that statue form of the tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros. 3. There’s the aforementioned giant mushroom, and by the same token there is a miniaturizing mushroom that shrinks Mario down to a few pixels in height. Items can be saved and selected from the touch screen. But New Super Mario Bros. doesn’t just add new items; Mario is outfitted with some new moves drawing from his 3D adventures. For example, when in the air, he can slam straight down with a butt stomp. He can also perform a Prince of Persia-like wall jump allowing him to reach particularly high areas.



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