IGN Has the Scoop on Revolution Hardware?

So they say at least.

For today’s report we spoke to a variety of trusted development sources, all of whom are in possession of Revolution development hardware – some more finalized than others. The studios who updated us with this information have asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but we can verify that the specifications forwarded to us are current and come by way of either official Nintendo documentation or benchmark tests with working Revolution kits.


It’s quite likely that these are correct, and if so, it bodes reasonably well for the little box. While the specs stack up more or less directly with the Xbox, remember that PowerPC chips were always capable of better performance than their Intel counterparts of the same clock speed. For this reason, I’m expecting the Revolution to slot in nicely between the original GameCube and Xbox 360 in terms of visual abilities.

However, it must be said that 88 megs of total system RAM is pretty pathetic. RAM is so cheap these days that, for them to be cutting it this close on memory one wonders just how much they’ll be under-cutting the competition in terms of price…


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