Metal Slug Collection on PSP

Metal Slug

Just got word from SNK Playmore that there’s a collection of six (count ’em) Metal Slug games coming to the PSP this fall. As you may or may not know, Metal Slug is one of the best side-scrolling action games of all time, criticized only for its extreme difficulty and often lack of replayability. With six games on the same UMD, we can at least cross the last one off of the list.

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Revolution – Cheap Console & Cheap Games

Chris Morris over at CNN has posted a lengthy piece with quite a few quotes and interesting tidbits from Iwata at Nintendo. For example:

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo of Japan, told me last week that while the company has no control over what its partners ask for their games, “I cannot imagine any first party title could be priced for more than $50.”

“If we can come up with an addictive, but simple title – such as Tetris 15 years ago – my attention should be focused on containing costs,” he said. “So, I would make it available through the Virtual Console. I think the opportunity for ourselves will be much larger than software that costs $50-$60. … Of course, there are a number of people waiting for a ‘masterpiece’ title. For those games, we’ll utilized traditional distribution channels.”

CNN’s Game Over

This sounds a lot like what MS is pushing with Xbox Live Arcade, but “cheap” first-party games is good news.

Panasonic Blu-ray Player Details Announced

I’ve been following the upcoming HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray wars fairly closely. I tend to be pretty cynical toward Sony when it comes to formats, so I’m of course cynical about Blu-ray, but it remains to be seen who will win. Anyhow, this is the first non-Sony Blu-ray player I’ve seen announced… though the price is the same…

With the DMP-BD10, Panasonic proves its commitment to providing the best high definition entertainment experience for the home,” said Reid Sullivan, vice president, merchandising, Panasonic’s entertainment group. “Our goal is to focus on the total solution for an uncompromised high definition experience. In addition we want to ensure that the consumer experience is as easy as possible, so we’ve added EZ-Sync HDAVI control function to make it simple to connect and control multiple products, such as a Panasonic Plasma TV, Blu-ray Disc player and receiver. Plus, with the BD10 we respect the legacy content that consumers have in their entertainment libraries, including virtually all DVD and CD formats, as well as video and image formats.


The price? $1500. Youch.

Another PS3 Screen – Lair


Joystiq has the full res pic over at their place:

You’ll note the resolution on this pic equates to 720p in HDTV parlance, which gives credence to those who would say there’s no way in heck PS3 games will be running at 1080p, at least not the first generation one. Anyhow, while it should be a lot of fun, and it it looks very good, it’s not quite jaw-dropping.
Anyone remember the old Dragonlance dragon flight “sim” Dragon Strike on the C64?

Dragon Strike

Silent Hill Collection Coming

Eurogamer brings news this morning that Konami will be releasing a collection of Silent Hill games to coincide with the movie’s release.

It’ll include Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Room – but not the original PSone game. There’s no word on a Euro release date as yet, but over in the States it’s launching to coincide with the Silent Hill movie, which hits US cinemas on April 13th.


Interestingly, Silent Hill 1 isn’t included. This may lend credence to the rumor that Konami is working on a re-tooled version of the game that will feature characters and updated scenes as highlighted in the movie, which will hit theaters on April 21st.