EA Pays Up

Remember all the controversy about EA working their coders like slave drivers? You know, kinda like every other game developer in the world? Well, it seems they’ve given up the fight and have settled with their employees.

Software engineers have won a $14.9 million settlement from Electronic Arts, in a settlement of a California class-action lawsuit over unpaid overtime, following a similar $15.6 million settlement reached in October with graphic artists.

According to the new settlement, some of the entry level programmers will be reclassified as hourly workers, making them eligible for overtime pay. In return, they will be allowed a one time grant of restricted company stock, but will no longer receive stock options or bonuses.

Full Story at Gamasutra

Will game coders start to turn into “normal” coders and work more typical hours thanks to this? Or, will the entire game development industry get off-shored just like the rest of the software engineering industry? Time will tell…


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  1. I think that most “generic” programming will become the new “blue collar” and slowly go to hourly unionized work program.

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