Steering with your Brain?

As seen at Slashdot, Dean Takahashi at the Mercury News has a report on the rapidly improving state of neural interfaces.

Sensors in the head gear — whether headbands, headsets or helmets — measure electrical activity in the brain that scientists have studied for decades. Using NeuroSky’s chip technology, the system can distinguish whether a person is calm, stressed, meditative or attentive and alert. Beyond games, the system might be useful for determining whether drivers are so drowsy that they need an alarm to awaken them.

Full Story at Mercury News

It sounds like we’re still a long way off from truely being able to control a game with our minds, but these sort of interfaces could provide an interesting extension to games; games that respond to our emotional state as much just like they react to how hard we push on a button or how far we push down on a pedal.


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