PS3 Launch List?


As seen at 1UP, the British Gaming Blog purports to have a short list of the PS3 launch titles.

  • John Woo’s Strangehold
  • Tekken
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas
  • Lair
  • Motorstorm
  • Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
  • How likely is it that this British blog was given an exclusive on the PS3 launch titles a few weeks ahead of E3? Not very. However, Sony’s surely already holding pre-E3 briefings with members of the print media, and so with connections in the right places it’s not impossible this list is correct. Given that the list is missing Ridge Racer, which we confirmed earlier would be a launch title for the PS3, it may at least be out of date.

    Motorstorm was one of the most impressive looking games at last year’s pre-E3 PS3 demo, but was also one of the most blatantly pre-rendered. It’ll be interesting to see how the game actually looks compared to the CG screenshot shown above, taken from the demo last year.

    Revolution Not So Easy to Develop For?

    EA General Manager Neil Young spoke with Gamasutra at the GDC last month and talked Revolution. He cites the lack of HD support as a major shortcoming.

    “One of the challenges for the Revolution is that it’s not HD,” he said. “If you think about RTS games, one element is the control scheme, but the other is the distance from the TV screen when you’re playing a console game versus a PC game.”

    Full Story at 1UP

    I was quite looking forward to playing an RTS with the Revolution controller, but he raises a good point, that without an HD display showing many units on screen could be very challenging, basically like playing Starcraft at 640×480. At that kind of resolution presenting many units on-screen and with any kind of detail could be difficult.

    I’m sure we’ll see how other dev’s are coping with the console in just over a few weeks’ time.

    High-Res Track Pictures Database


    This site has just been launched, so it’s a bit empty at the moment, but it has a lot of promise. One of the major challenges in modding is giving a developer who is likely on one side of the world a good idea of what a track on the other side of the world looks like. Plus, detailed pictures of the texture of the track, gravel, rumble-strips and the like are a godsend to modders.

    Tracks R&D hopes to eventually be the end-all-be-all source for such pictures. Right now only a few tracks are featured, mostly Australian (like the amazing Bathurst circuit pictured above), but there’s a lot of promise here.

    So, if you’re looking for gritty asphault wallpaper for your machine, or have some random pictures of some circiut or another you could share, check it out.

    Tracks R&D

    PS3 Running Software Emulation?

    Joystiq is running a story stating that Sony may be resorting to the same sort of software emulation to run older Playstation games that Microsoft is using on the 360 for Xbox games. As 360 gamers know, this has resulted in a disappointing gap in so-called legacy support on the 360, and while many games run and look better than they did on the OG Xbox, some games just don’t run quite right.

    If the sources are correct, then the PlayStation 3’s backwards compatibility is not as certain as it once was. Software emulation is the same trick being used by the Xbox 360 to play original Xbox title, and Microsoft is still trying to get its back catalogue to function properly (as of today, our beloved Psychonauts is still not playable on our shiny 360 consoles). The source claims that “a surprising number of PS2 titles are already working on PS3 prototype hardware.” Sony must get the majority of its back catalogue compatible with the new PlayStation or they will lose one of their key speaking points.

    Full Story at Joystiq

    100% backward compatibility was indeed one of Sony’s selling points when they pitched the PS3 last year. We’ll likely find out at this E3 what their current set of selling points is, and whether it matches with last year’s…

    More Asinine Game Legislation

    This time from Florida, where a House Committee has approved yet another attempt at legislation against violent videogames thanks to lovely rhetoric like this:

    We continue to endorse a situation which is hiding under the First Amendment.

    Full Story with Video at gamespolitics

    Ahh yes… if only we could get rid of that annoying first amendment…

    Unfortunately for these legislators, thus far the courts have refused to toss the First Amendment out the window, meaning this legislation has little more hope than the dozens of others that have come before it. In other words, this is just another proselytizing bit of politics that is, effectively, a big waste of taxpayer’s money.

    A Look at Test Drive Unlimited’s Spyker

    TD Unlimited Spyker

    Voodoo Extreme has been taking a look at some of the various marques and cars that’ll be available in Test Drive Unlmited, and today it’s the somewhat oddly proportioned yet visually appealing Spyker.

    Founded in 2000, Spyker Cars is still a young company. However, this up-and-coming manufacturer is one to watch for, creating some very exciting automobiles in the past few years. We take you under the hood of these supercars for an inside look at what makes them tick. Tooling around Oahu in one of these rare and beautiful cars will be a truly unique way to experience the island, just watch out for cops!

    Full Story at Voodoo Extreme

    Japanese Console Hardware Sales

    GameGossip has the scoop on a report from Media Create with the latest Japanese sales charts for gaming hardware:

  • Nintendo DS Lite: 140,969 (Annual: 827,737)
  • Nintendo DS: 37,204 (Annual: 767,773)
  • PlayStation 2: 27,549 (Annual: 504,216)
  • PlayStation Portable: 26,340 (Annual: 609,399)
  • Game Boy Advance SP: 6,372 (Annual: 100,814)
  • Game Boy Micro: 3,676 (Annual: 62,077)
  • Xbox 360: 1,926 (Annual: 37,289)
  • GameCube: 1,080 (Annual: 43,648)
  • Game Boy Advance: 46 (Annual: 2,394)
  • Xbox: 30 (Annual: 1,327)
  • Full Story at

    At first glance, this looks like another indicator that the Xbox 360 is failing miserably. And, that’s certainly true. However, it’s also a strong indicator of how much the PSP is getting demolished by the DS in Japan, and just how badly the GameCube is doing even in its home nation.