Forza 2 Interview

Forza Motorsport 2

The UK’s Official Xbox Mag has posted an interview with Dan Greenawalt, designer of Forza 2.

What difference has the Xbox 360 made to the physics and graphics?

Dan Greenawalt:
Now that we’re on Xbox 360 we can do 60 frames per second and keeping the physics at the same speed as the first game. In fact, for some key areas we’re increasing the speed of our physics. That’s where this all ties back into Sebring. It’s not the most visually impressive track – it’s kinda flat – but the track surface has all these little ruts and steps in the concrete that put incredible pressure on the physics engine. As a physics geek that’s what got me excited because I knew we were going to be beating the hell out of the cars and they’d be rocking all over the place. So it was kind of a strategic choice to show off the complexity of our physics, but it’s also great fun to drive!


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