Eurogamer Pontificates on GT HD

Digital Displacement readers already know my feelings on Sony’s somewhat lame GT demo at E3, but now Eurogamer are giving theirs. They’re a bit more forgiving than I was…

As a tech demo, which is surely all it was, GT HD demonstrated as much marketing as technical savvy. Accepting praise was easy, while any criticism was easily offset by a simple shrug – it’s just a demo after all. And there’s a sense that if this is just small steps for Polyphony, the larger ones taken by Gran Turismo next-gen could be anything. We’d love to see proper pie-in-the-sky features, like deformable gravel traps in line with the persistent terrain of MotorStorm and SEGA Rally next-gen, and it’s not hard to imagine this stuff is being debated back home in Japan. Along with, you know, imaginative ideas.

Full Story at Eurogamer


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