GTR Won’t Work Under Vista?

As if we all needed another reason to hate Starforce, an article at ExtremeTech (seen over at has the skinny on a number of games that, at least as of now, work and don’t work under the Beta 2 version of Windows Vista. Vista, as you probably know, is Microsoft’s next Holy Grail operating system, promising a smoothly polished UI and a successor to DirectX that should do great things. (If you’re not familiar with Vista, check out the piece I wrote on Vista’s promise for gamers for GGL.)

According to this new article, most games seem to run just fine, if somewhat slower. However, anything with Starforce crashed and burned. While GTR wasn’t specifically tested, it’s safe to assume it would have as well. Surely Starforce will come up with some sort of solution prior to Vista’s planned launch next spring, but only time will tell how intrusive that solution will be.

Full Article at ExtremeTech


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