An Xbox Wii-Mote in the Works?

More than one Xbox exec has commented on how the Xbox 360 controller is too complicated. (So why did they develop it that way, one wonders?) Peter Moore is now hinting that something…simpler is on the way to, as he puts it, “broader reach for games, because as an industry we’ve got to do that — we’ve got to bring more people in.” Funny, that’s exactly what Nintendo’s been saying for ages.

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GameSpy Tours rFactor

Is simming going mainstream? SimHQ brings news of a “European Racing Tour” in rFactor over at GameSpy.

All PC racing-sim fans have their favorite titles — from Papyrus’ venerable Grand Prix Legends to SimBin’s GTR — but when it comes to third-party add-on support, Image Space Inc’s rFactor is the runaway leader in an otherwise tight pack. Michigan-based indie developer ISI built the game to be the most mod-friendly racer on the market and that design philosophy has certainly borne fruit. Pete Walsh’s rFactor Central site currently lists over 25 car or series mods for the game and a whopping 50 add-on tracks.

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Another UK PGR3 Tournament Announced

This tournament is Extreme

This one’s being put on by the Extreme Sports Channel and Joystick Junkies. It will take place at the, erm, Ripspeed Donny car show in Essex on August 13. Read on for more information covering everything except, interestingly, what you’ll actually win. (Presumably getting your ugly mug on TV looking like a dork while you play PGR3 is considered to be reward enough.)

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PS3 Title Cancelled – Xbox 360 Version Continued

While not a racer, this is interesting news nontheless. Evil Avatar has news of the cancellation of Theseis, an intriguing sounding occult-themed adventure game. Actually, the game itself isn’t cancelled, just the PS3 version. The game will still show on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Now, this is obviously not a big-named game from a big-named developer, but in some ways that’s part of the problem: if small-scale developers can’t afford to port a game to the PS3, will any niche games such as Katamari Damacy or Guitar Hero ever see the light of day on the platform?

Cars Tops PC Charts


GameSpot has info on the NPD sales charts for June 11-17 in the US. The chart had been dominated by the curiously titled Half-Life 2: Episode One (shouldn’t it be episode two…or three even?), but now it’s been usurped by the interactive version of Disney/Pixar’s Cars. It’s perhaps not the best racing game out there at the moment, but it’s a racer nontheless, and it’s good to see it doing well.

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Wipeout on PS3 Inadvertantly Announced?

Piranha Logo from Wipeout

You know this leak had to be at least partially intentional. 1UP has picked up on a job posting over at that includes the following:

Wipeout is the most revered, innovative and respected arcade/action racing franchise of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. They currently require a Senior/Lead Designer to have a key role in realising future iterations of Wipeout on PSP and PS3.

Wipeout has consistently been one of the best looking Playstation games on every Playstation platform yet, so you can be sure this one will be a looker…but will a tilty-controller work? And will it be worth $70 or more?