FlatOut 2 Flattening UK Stores

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Not due in the US until August, the game is hitting UK stores today on the Xbox, PS2, and PC. As we posted earlier, the game seems to be getting mostly good reviews.


LONDON, ENGLAND, June 30th 2006 – After months of anticipation, and in the midst of a high profile PR and Marketing campaign, FlatOut 2 arrives in the shops today on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC to the delight of racing fans everywhere.

As well as being Empire Interactive’s largest launch of the year, FlatOut 2 is also one of the biggest and best racing games releasing anywhere on any platform in 2006 as evidenced by the critical acclaim it has received to date across all sections of the media. Complimenting this successful PR campaign, July sees a busy month of National TV advertising as the 8 months of building awareness, interest and demand continues.

What they’ve been saying about FlatOut 2:

“…one of the most entertaining and boisterous racing games around.”
Official Xbox Magazine – 8/10

“…one of the purest, most fun racers around.”
PSW – 8/10

“…this sequel offers an embarrassment of riches…”
Eurogamer – 8/10

“It’s quite honestly an astounding achievement…”
Total Videogames – 8/10

“FlatOut 2 is brilliantly chaotic, relentlessly quick and rammed with gaming modes to keep you at it.”
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine – 7/10


“…one of the most mentalist racers ever!”
Maxim Online – 4/5

“…this gruesome, brain-dead wonder is one of the summer’s guilty pleasures.”
The Sunday Times – 4 Stars

For more information on one of the most destructive, high-octane and flat-out fun racing games ever, head to www.flatoutgame.com


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