New Info on E3 Developments

Yesterday we brought you the rumors about E3’s demise, today we have some facts…or at least some factual allusions. Actually we still really don’t know any more about what’s going to happen to E3 than we did yesterday, but we have confirmation from ESA chief Doug Lowenstein that something is going to happen, but that the show will remain in the city of lost souls, Los Angeles.

E3Expo remains an important event for the industry and we want to keep that sense of excitement and interest, ensuring that the human and financial resources crucial to its success can be deployed productively to create an exciting new format to meet the needs of the industry. The new event ensures that there will be an effective and more efficient way for companies to get information to media, consumers, and others

More focused is good. Smaller is good. But, E3 effectively needs to continue to fill the same void as it does now. There’s already a conference for game developers and already a variety of outlets for retailers to wheel and deal. We still need a blowout game show where everyone can show off their hottest holiday wares to the media, big and small alike. If they can organize it a little better, like sitting everyone down in a massive conference room and feeding them all information, that’s fine with me. But E3 needs to live on in some shape or form.

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Ubisoft Brings Import Tuner to Xbox 360s

While “tuner” games have been flooding the PS2 and PSP release charts, we haven’t seen many for the 360 yet. Ubisoft is looking to fill that gap this fall by publishing Genki’s Import Tuner Challenge to North America and Europe.

Authentic import street racing: Includes real Tokyo highways and regions, all the hottest licensed import sports cars and concept vehicles and the most prized import tuner part manufacturers.

More than five million customizations: Select from a vast warehouse of specialized parts to customize a car’s interior, exterior and engine. Includes everything from authentic aero kits from Mazdaspeed, C-West and Veilside to racing seats from Recaro and Bride.

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Super-Bikes: Riding Challenge Hits the Web

Super-Bikes Riding Challenge

We’ve been bringing you news about and images of this game for many months now, but it seems developer Black Bean would rather go directly to the source, as they’ve launched a website for the game, which contains, well, nothing all that new or exciting. But, the attached press release does have a few interesting bits, for example stating that you’ll be able to control the movement of the rider independently from the control of the bike itself. They also state that the game will be both “Best-Ever” and “Super-Accurate,” though those and other hyphenated claims remain to be seen. The game launches in Sept for European PS2’s and PC’s. No word yet on an American release, which may be unlikely, as it’s a well known fact that we Americans can’t handle racing games that feature more than one control input (i.e. button), especially when they’re like totally the best ever.

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Burning my RSS Feed

For those who read through the site’s various RSS feeds, of which it seems there are quite a few, this post is for you. I’m switching over to use FeedBurner later today. The site aggregates feeds and enables me to get some better stats on who’s reading what through the feed. If all goes well I’ll be redirecting the existing URL’s over to the new one, so you shouldn’t have to change anything, but if you find your feed getting dropped for some reason please post a comment and let me know!

Update: If you’re not being redirected, please point your readers here:

SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run at Team Xbox

Team Xbox have posted up their impressions of the game after spending some time with the Xbox version:

As anyone who has played a SpyHunter game before knows the star has never been Mr. Decker, no matter how many one-liners The Rock effortlessly delivers. The real attraction has always, and will always, be the Interceptor. When the game begins our beloved white stallion is stolen from Decker and his female companion, after a brief introductory spin with the contorting car of course. Fast-forward one year and the Interceptor still hasn’t been retrieved, but that doesn’t last long. Before you know it you’ll be zipping around on makeshift roads, large expanses of water, and even a few aerial spaces.

Full Story at Team Xbox

Atari Screwing Over European Gamers?

AC Cobra

A few weeks back we brought news that Test Drive: Unlimited would be selling for the low, low price point of $40 in the US. Now it’s becoming apparent that the UK price will be £49.99 (roughly $92, or more than twice the US price). Why the disparity? It’s due to the “Xbox 360 market situation” according to Atari reps. Apparently there’s a concern that, because the attach rate to Xbox Live Gold in Europe is much lower than in the US, fewer people will sign on to purchase car packs.

Full Story at Eurogamer

What do you think, European readers? Are you less likely to buy the game now, especially given that the downloadable car packs will still be just as expensive? This seems like a big mistake for Atari, who are barely keeping their heads above water as it is.

New GTR2 Trailer and Screenshot


Another new video has been released by 10TACLE, along with the above screenshot. This one highlights Hockenheim being attacked by a rather orange TVR that should be rather familiar to DigitalDisplacement readers.

Darmstadt, July 31st 2006 – Developer Simbin Development Team and Publisher 10TACLE STUDIOS AG have released the second track teaser to their up-coming racing-simulation reference game “GTR2 – FIA GT Racing Game” for download. It shows an RSR Motorsport Team TVR T 4000R demonstrating how to hold a perfect racing line in order to pull the fastest lap time. Racing fans can study each curve of the famous Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg from a wide range of perspectives and dream of one day driving into this fully-packed legendary motordrome. Before this dream comes true in September of this year racing fans can raise their pulse rates at, where further tracks will be released.

Click Here for the Video

E3 Retires?

In a rather shocking turn of events, especially on what’s been an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon (unless you’re a Ferrari fan), it seems that the Entertainment Software Association has let drop some interesting info. If rumors are true, the gaming orgy/melee known as E3 will at the very least be seriously downsized if not altogether cancelled for 2007. According to rumors, the bigger-name vendors have decided to pull out in favor of hosting their own events, more or less sucking the major sources of funding from the show. Other rumors state that the show will live on, but will move to a much more modest venue and will lose the raucous open-floor.

I’ve personally been attending E3 since 1997 and, while I’ve had some amazing memories formed at the show, honestly its relevance has been decreasing each and every year. When you have big gaming news outlets playing the E3 demos a month or more before the show, what’s the point? My concern lies with the smaller outlets who get little if any PR support during the year. They’ll now have an even harder time making contacts without an opportunity like E3 to have some good ‘ol face time with the people who matter. If companies like Sony and MS channel this money into providing better support to a wider range of outlets then all will be well. If not…well…I sure hope you like getting your gaming info from places like IGN and Gamespot.

Anyhow, if you want to read some further speculation 1UP and Ars Technica have you covered. I’ll post more when some actual news is announced, which should be within two days.

IGN On TDU’s Alfas

IGN has posted a rather detailed overview, including a ton of new screens, covering Test Drive Unlimited’s Alfa Romeo offerings. They seem awfully fond of the Italians, those blokes at IGN…

But the 3,000 pound curb weight doesn’t mean that the Alfa Coupe is slow. Give the coupe a wide-open road and it will soon hit its 150 mile per hour top speed. Oh yeah, the Alfa Coupe has a back seat, too… So while the C8 will only have enough room for you and Monica Bellucci, the Alfa Coupe will have room for you, Monica Bellucci, and two Monica Bellucci clones. It almost seems as if the Alfa Coupe is the way to go.

Cloning humans is illegal, which sadly means we’ll never have a car full of Persephones… Damn, that just means that we’ll have to make-do with the Alfa Romeo C8. If we can hop into one of those, we won’t need a Monica Bellucci clone, the real one will instantly fall in love with us as soon as she sees us behind the wheel of such a super-pimped-out ride.

Full Story at IGN

A super-pimped-out bone stock Alfa, eh? Aren’t you glad you get your racing news from a source that can actually talk about cars without sounding like a pre-pubescent teen?

Intel’s Core 2 Duo and More Price Cuts

Just over a week after AMD did a little deep discounting, DailyTech has news of the rather predictable pricing response from Intel, along with pricing for their new C2D chips. Yes, you too can get yourself a spanking new 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Extreme Intel CPU for the bargain basement price of…$1098 dollars! Of course, for those who can live without the latest and greatest, the 3.8 GHz Pentium 4 D now goes for a much more modest $143.

Full Pricing and Info at DailyTech