AMD’s Prices are Insaaaane

Would you buy a CPU from this man?

Shacknews has a link over to a Daily Tech article containing a table of some choice AMD price cuts. These have been in the wings for awhile now, but the full details will make you want to postpone any planned upgrades…and perhaps start planning new ones. The price drops are particularly huge on their X2 line, where prices have been cut over 50% in many cases.

Full Story at Daily Tech


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  1. I’m so glad I waited a bit.I knew the price cut was coming ,but you’re right this IS insane. Hehe I like the picture.

  2. The X2 chips seem like a good deal now but the FX-62 is still insanely expensive compared to the new Conroe chips.

    Bit-tech did some independent tests which put even the mid-rage Core 2 Duo E6600 ahead of the FX62 in Quake 4 and HL2:Ep1, and that’s going to be about £250 (compared to £580 for the FX62!). :/

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