IGN On TDU’s Alfas

IGN has posted a rather detailed overview, including a ton of new screens, covering Test Drive Unlimited’s Alfa Romeo offerings. They seem awfully fond of the Italians, those blokes at IGN…

But the 3,000 pound curb weight doesn’t mean that the Alfa Coupe is slow. Give the coupe a wide-open road and it will soon hit its 150 mile per hour top speed. Oh yeah, the Alfa Coupe has a back seat, too… So while the C8 will only have enough room for you and Monica Bellucci, the Alfa Coupe will have room for you, Monica Bellucci, and two Monica Bellucci clones. It almost seems as if the Alfa Coupe is the way to go.

Cloning humans is illegal, which sadly means we’ll never have a car full of Persephones… Damn, that just means that we’ll have to make-do with the Alfa Romeo C8. If we can hop into one of those, we won’t need a Monica Bellucci clone, the real one will instantly fall in love with us as soon as she sees us behind the wheel of such a super-pimped-out ride.

Full Story at IGN

A super-pimped-out bone stock Alfa, eh? Aren’t you glad you get your racing news from a source that can actually talk about cars without sounding like a pre-pubescent teen?


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