E3 Retires?

In a rather shocking turn of events, especially on what’s been an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon (unless you’re a Ferrari fan), it seems that the Entertainment Software Association has let drop some interesting info. If rumors are true, the gaming orgy/melee known as E3 will at the very least be seriously downsized if not altogether cancelled for 2007. According to rumors, the bigger-name vendors have decided to pull out in favor of hosting their own events, more or less sucking the major sources of funding from the show. Other rumors state that the show will live on, but will move to a much more modest venue and will lose the raucous open-floor.

I’ve personally been attending E3 since 1997 and, while I’ve had some amazing memories formed at the show, honestly its relevance has been decreasing each and every year. When you have big gaming news outlets playing the E3 demos a month or more before the show, what’s the point? My concern lies with the smaller outlets who get little if any PR support during the year. They’ll now have an even harder time making contacts without an opportunity like E3 to have some good ‘ol face time with the people who matter. If companies like Sony and MS channel this money into providing better support to a wider range of outlets then all will be well. If not…well…I sure hope you like getting your gaming info from places like IGN and Gamespot.

Anyhow, if you want to read some further speculation 1UP and Ars Technica have you covered. I’ll post more when some actual news is announced, which should be within two days.


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