Atari Screwing Over European Gamers?

AC Cobra

A few weeks back we brought news that Test Drive: Unlimited would be selling for the low, low price point of $40 in the US. Now it’s becoming apparent that the UK price will be £49.99 (roughly $92, or more than twice the US price). Why the disparity? It’s due to the “Xbox 360 market situation” according to Atari reps. Apparently there’s a concern that, because the attach rate to Xbox Live Gold in Europe is much lower than in the US, fewer people will sign on to purchase car packs.

Full Story at Eurogamer

What do you think, European readers? Are you less likely to buy the game now, especially given that the downloadable car packs will still be just as expensive? This seems like a big mistake for Atari, who are barely keeping their heads above water as it is.


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  1. That has to be the lowest thing I’ve ever seen in the gaming world. It’s completely illogical to charge people for what they “might not buy”. I think Atari is really getting desperate. Who is going to pay that much for a game? This is a BAD move. In an attempt to make more money and compensate for the “loss” of Euro gamers not buying as many car packs, they’re ultimately lose a TON of money by charging this much just for one title. Hardly anyone will buy it.

    The only option they should’ve taken is having the title already bundled with enough car packs to actually warrant £49.99. If I lived in Europe, I’d be changing out my DVD-ROM in the xbox to a region free player, order the game from America and hook up my xbox to a computer monitor.

    That being said, I don’t own a console and probably never will. But I still have sympothy for my fellow gamers out there. Atari are punks in my book.

  2. I’m not buying it for 50 quid, that’s certain. But I was considering it for £40 before the news…

    And I don’t usually buy expansion packs, since I’ve already paid so much for the game! (Otherwise known as the Horse Armour phenomenon!) :/

  3. I don’t blame you guys. Here in the US the game just went from a “maybe” to an almost certain purchase for racing fans. By the sounds of this news it went from a “maybe” to a “hell no” in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

    It’s a shame.

  4. I have pre-ordered the game for my PC with (UK) and at present they are taking pre-orders for £26.99.

    The XBOX 360 version they are taking pre-orders at £39.99, which whilst still being pricey (aren’t most next-gen console games anyway) is better than forking out £50.

  5. On the XBOX 360, are also offering a code for those that pre-order the game to be able to download the Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe car from the XBOX marketplace.

    I’d guess from this info, that this Lambo isn’t a stock in game car upon release.

  6. That’s the same here in the US regarding the Gallardo. I’m guessing that will be available for download at some point for those who do not pre-order.

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