New GTR2 Trailer and Screenshot


Another new video has been released by 10TACLE, along with the above screenshot. This one highlights Hockenheim being attacked by a rather orange TVR that should be rather familiar to DigitalDisplacement readers.

Darmstadt, July 31st 2006 – Developer Simbin Development Team and Publisher 10TACLE STUDIOS AG have released the second track teaser to their up-coming racing-simulation reference game “GTR2 – FIA GT Racing Game” for download. It shows an RSR Motorsport Team TVR T 4000R demonstrating how to hold a perfect racing line in order to pull the fastest lap time. Racing fans can study each curve of the famous Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg from a wide range of perspectives and dream of one day driving into this fully-packed legendary motordrome. Before this dream comes true in September of this year racing fans can raise their pulse rates at, where further tracks will be released.

Click Here for the Video


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  1. First they used the Morgan V8 sounds, now they’re using the Saleen S7 sounds in the TVR? That is so pathetic! How hard is it to sample engine sounds? It takes maybe an hour at the most to set up all the mics and get your samples and then mix them into the game. I’ve done it. Simbin is getting lazy! I don’t want to hear a V8 in my TVR, I want to hear a screaming inline six. It’s sad when modders do a better job than the developer themselves. And the ironic part is that Simbin was once just a team of modders as well, and should know that we expect more than this.

    The game still rocks, but it’ll be up to me to make it as authentic as I think it should be.

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