A Call to Modders – Give Me Ice

Ice Racing

Lately we’ve been seeing some killer off-road mods released for rFactor, showing that the game can handle the dirt as well as it can handle the asphault. So, I ask: why haven’t we seen an ice racing mod yet? The sport of ice racing is far more popular than certain other motorsports we’ve seen featured of late, features some pretty badass cars, and really…does the world need another Volkswagen racing mod?

Why no love for Alain Prost’s current favorite form of motorsport? Everybody loves getting sideways from time to time, and there’s no better place to get sideways than on the ice.

D1GP Website Launched

D1GP Logo

Yuke’s Company of America is proud to announce the launch of the official D1 Grand Prix game series Web site. The Web site, which can be found at http://www.yukes.us/d1-game-usa/index.html, comes in conjunction with D1 Grand Prix’s release for the PlayStation®2 in early August 2006. In addition to game-play details, the site features screenshots and movies, as well as information about the cars, drivers and courses featured in D1 Grand Prix.

Official Website

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The End of Attempted Videogame Legislation?

Gamespolitics brings news that Fred Morgan, state representative for Oklahoma and proponent of a law prohibiting the sale of violent videogames to children in his state, has just lost in his bid for a seat in Congress, not even coming close to making it through the primaries. This is what he originally had to say about the subject of violent videogames.

Studies have linked these games to aggressive behavior in children and it’s become clear there are serious consequences if we ignore the problem. Oklahoma parents expect legislators to help them protect their children.

Apparently they didn’t expect him to help them protect their children. With Joe Lieberman, the most vocal proponent of videogame legislation, seemingly on the verge of losing his seat in CT, plus continued defeats in courts for every attempt at videogame legislation, will politicians finally move on to another subject?

Killer NIC Detailed

A few weeks back we brought news of a rather…agressive network interface card (aka NIC). It promised all sorts of fun and unfair things, like being able to manually adjust lag to confuse your opponents. Today we have a little more information on how it actually purports to work.

At the heart of Killer is LLR Technology which is a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) offload engine designed specifically to handle game network traffic. Almost every major online game that hardcore gamers play uses UDP as its primary protocol, which is why TCP Offload Engines don’t normally improve online game play. Unlike newly released gaming products, the Killer does not require game developers to integrate support and it improves online game-play right out of the box.

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Formula One 06 Screens

Pro-G has posted up batches of screenshots for both the PS2 version along with the PSP version. The latter is looking decidedly simple compared to its bigger brother PS2 version, which itself doesn’t look terrifically hot. However, they both look more than presentable.

Both versions will hit European stores in just a few days. Meanwhile, those of us on this side of the proverbial pond might get a port of the portable game to make the PSP’s offerings look a little less sparse, but even that’s unlikely.

Two Great Companies, One Exciting Future

Gaming Nexus has a link over to HardOCP, who themselves have posted the full presentation presented by ATI and AMD, in case you missed it earlier, along with the expected bit of opinion-mongering.

I think today would certainly not be the day to jump to conclusions, but there are some things that do look obvious to us. This merger is probably one of the best things to ever happen to ATI. ATI’s overall corporate culture needs some new direction and motivation. It has too long been a company “run by the engineers,” and some of that rhetoric does ring true even though it has become cliché. ATI’s execution over the last two years has almost been laughable. ATI constantly has great technology and vision but so many times it does not end up making it to the shelves inside the proper market cycle. I think ATI will become much more of a force in the graphics market with AMD’s visionary management in place.

Full Story and Presentation at HardOCP