eDimensional Beats Wii to the Gyroscope Game

eDimensional, purveyors of every racer’s favorite head-tracking system TrackIR, are demoing a new controller called the G-Pad Pro for the PS2 and PC. The controller offers gyroscopic controls, enabling you to, as the video shows, control cars in the shamefully unrealistic GT4 just by angling the controller left or right, or to pitch and roll a plane through the air without relying on those bulky and expensive HOTAS systems. You can click here to download the video.

The controller will be available in Sept. and will retail for about $40. You can pre-order one here.

TDU Review Scores Trickling In

Maserati in TDU

Update: Check out DigitalDisplacement.com’s own TDU Review.

Just a week away from the game’s retail release, Atari has released some of the more favorable review scores Test Drive Unlimited has received thus far:

OXM 360 – 9/10
X360 – 9/10
360 – 4/5
EDGE – 8/10
Gamesmaster – 88%
FHM – 4/5
Fast Car Magazine – 9/10
Loaded – 4/5

While perhaps not the most authoritative sources in the world, they do establish a positive trend for the game that so many are hoping will be top-notch.

Open Xbox Development Suite Released

Announced just two weeks ago, a beta of XNA Game Studio Express, the development suite that will allow anyone to try their hand at Xbox 360 and Windows development, has been released (in beta forum, naturally). Developing for XP and Vista is free now, while 360 development still a few months off and not nearly so free:

Novice game creators can download the tool today from http://msdn.microsoft.com/xna to develop games for Windows XP and Windows Vista, at no charge. The games built on Windows can be migrated to the Xbox 360 console system starting this holiday season as part of the XNA Creators Club subscription for $99/€99 a year, or a four-month trial cost of $49, opening up retail console game development to anyone for the first time.

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More Ridge Racer 7 Info

Ridge Racer 7

We reported earlier this week that Namco had placed a teaser animation up on the official Ridge Racer 7 website. While that’s still there, Japanese uber-mag Famitsu has managed to get some details on the game’s various modes. Here are some highlights:

Ridge State Grand Prix: RR7’s main mode of play takes place in Ridge State, known as the place to be for motor sports. The mode consists of 160 races set on 44 courses (the 44 includes both normal and reverse courses). As you win races, you earn new cars and parts.

Online Battle
: This online race mode is expected to support 14 simultaneous players. In addition to competitive racing, the mode will feature cooperative play through relay, team battle and pair time attack options.

Global Time Attack: You face off against the world’s racers for the best time in this time attack mode. This mode also supports split screen play, allowing for two players to team up for pair time attack.

You can read the rest over at IGN.

GT4 Producer Says GT4 is Unrealistic

The launch of the official Japanese PS3 website has been accompanied by an interview with Mr. Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi (helpfully transcripted at GameSpot). He had some…interesting things to say about the non-PS3 versions of the game…which is all of them so far:

To be honest, I can’t really say the [original PlayStation] or the PlayStation 2 were able to sufficiently represent the realistically modeled physical world we wanted [in previous Gran Turismo games]. With the PS3, we will be able to perform true physical modeling for the first time.

True physics modeling for the first time, eh? Back in 2003 this is what he was saying about GT4:

The new physics engine we’re using for GT4 has very, very accurate simulation, and this allows users to take cars out on the course and come back with lap times which are very lifelike, very realistic. Sometimes in games you’ll get unrealistic times, but in GT4 that won’t be the case.

So much hype…

New Track for Richard Burns Rally

Rally Bohemia for Richard Burns Rally

As seen at SimHQ and Blackhole Motorsports, some prototype screenshots and also a video have been released of what poses to be a new track for the venerable but sadly difficult to mod Richard Burns Rally. As you can see from the attached screen, this is a primarily asphalt-based rallycross circuit of the sort you might expect to see in the Race of Champions or in a super-special stage, featuring a selection of corners along with a fly-over bridge. The track is only listed at 25% complete at this point, seemingly having a long way to go, but it is a promising development and we hope for good things.

Official Site

Video of Track in Action

GT Legends and GTR2 on Tour With Toyota

Toyota Yaris

While it’s a perfectly nice car, fire-breathing caged race cars are probably not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Toyota Yaris. Regardless, the two will be coming together for the next two months across a series of Northern Cali events designed to highlight Toyota’s new (to the US) Yaris and videogames…but mostly the Yaris. The tour, called Circuit Yaris, will feature the above-mentioned racing games, along with Battlefield 2 and Prey, and will also have prizes from Western Digital and Logitech, who will be giving away some of their NASCAR-themed wheels (alas, no G25 giveaways yet). The tour will be hitting these locations:

  • CAL State Fair (Sacramento) Sept. 1-4
  • Madera County Fair Sept. 7-8
  • Fresno State Football (FSU vs. Oregon) Sept. 9
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Sept. 16
  • Cal Football Game (vs. ASU) Sept. 23
  • Giants Game (SF vs. LA) Sept. 29-Oct.1 (Giants Fan Appreciation Day)
  • Fresno County Fair Oct. 6-8
  • Sacramento State Football (vs. Montana) Oct. 14
  • San Jose State Football (vs. Louisiana) Oct. 28

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Euro PSP’s Getting TOCA

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge on PSP

While we Americans got a PSP dose of the Race Driver series earlier this year in the form of Race Driver 2006, that game never saw its way to European handhelds…at least not officially. Codemasters is about to change that with a new portable release to the series, TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge. The game is apparently a wholly separate successor to the PSP release of TOCA Race Driver 2, not just a port of the PS2 version of TOCA 3. What exactly that means remains to be seen, however.

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