Gran Turismo HD Not Just a Tech Demo?

When Kazunori Yamauchi showed GT4 at E3, even he looked bored. The game was simply a high-res port of the PS2 version of the game, enough to impress some series fanbois, but not much else. It seemed like a quick tech demo that we’d never see again, but now it seems that’s not the case. According to a GameSpot translation of a Famitsu article, the “Working Title” designation has been dropped from the game and while Yamauchi is saying that Gran Turismo HD isn’t a true successor to the series, it sounds an awful lot to me like we might just see this included as a demo or a low-cost offering to tide GT fans over until Gran Turismo 5 is released…which should be sometime before 2009.

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  1. I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not with the GT5 release date. 😉

  2. Do you think we’ll see the other enhancements? (more cars, pit animations, etc)

    I’d buy this for $20 for my new PS3 I guess if it came out by Spring ’07. Be better than nothing while waiting for GT5.

  3. The biggest enhancement would be the inclusion of some of the Tourist Trophy bikes, but I really can’t say. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s included with the PS3 as a free demo as shown at E3…i.e. with a handful of cars, bikes, and tracks, but that’s it.

  4. Hmmmmmmm….this makes me want to hold off on buying a PS2 and getting GT4. Either that or get a 360 and Forza2. Decisions decision.

  5. GT4 is awesome but doesn’t look that great on HD (even with the 1024i or 480p modes). In fact I thought it looked better on a 27″ CRT than a 46″ HDTV. If you could find a used PS2 w/ game for $50 or less I would recommend it. Otherwise, you may want to save your pennies.

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