PS3 Offers Very Good Value to Consumers

Yes, Kaz Hirai is at it again. This time he’s resorted to some not-so-subtle attempts at hypnosis to prove his point:

The pricing that we announced for the PlayStation 3 is a price that ultimately offers fantastic value to the consumers. I think that we are offering a very good value for the consumers. We look at our products having a 10-year life cycle, which we’ve proven with the PlayStation. Therefore, the PlayStation 3 is going to be a console that’s going to be with you again for 10 years. We’re not going to ask the consumers to suddenly buy another PlayStation console in five years’ time and basically have their investment go by the wayside. So for all those reasons, I think at $599 we’re offering a very good value to the consumers.

In case you didn’t catch it, the PS3 offers very good value to the consumers. Now, if only they’d start production already, we consumers might actually be able to buy their very good value console before 2008.

Full Interview at GameSpot


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