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Auto Assault

Despite being blamed for NCSoft’s financial woes, auto-MMO Auto Assault is still receiving updates. This new, free batch makes combat more interesting for higher-ups, makes life a little easier for the newbs, and adds a suite of new powerups and missions that everyone can enjoy.

NCsoft rolls out new Auto Assault update

Free update features, enhanced experiences for new and veteran players, plus a customer referral program with rewards
Brighton, England, August 31st 2006/…NCsoft® Europe today announced the release of a free update to Auto Assault® in both Europe and North America. Both current and new players stand to benefit with many new missions, cooler loot, enhanced tournament play and system-level changes designed to make post apocalyptic destruction even more fun.

Developed by NetDevil®, LTD, this latest installment for Auto Assault introduces a new arena tournament map and the Coliseum for higher level players. In addition to many new missions in the world, the new arena map, Emergence, contains six types of power-ups players can find and use, and features death matches designed to make player-versus-player combat more fun and promote movement across the map.

The Coliseum, found in Ground Zero, is built for those training to become the post apocalyptic elite. Players at levels 60, 65 and 70 may participate solo or in a convoy and battle wave after wave of increasingly nasty creatures and other surprises for experience, loot and more.

For new players, the game is simply easier to get into and play. More head-on combat, improved vehicle control, better chassis and weapons earlier in the game, and auto-targeting combine with system-level enhancements to make the lower levels of the game more fun, the destruction more intense, and players feel more successful at the start.

In addition, a suite of powerful items have been introduced that will take players to a new level of skill. Dubbed the Battlemaster Set, these items are only available to players through purchase with outpost tokens. The only way to receive an outpost token is to capture and hold outposts for incremental periods of time. The Battlemaster Set of items is available through certain token vendors in the world. Players donning these items certainly set themselves apart.

In addition to all of this great new content, NCsoft Europe announces a new customer referral program for Auto Assault. Players who successfully recruit their friends to join in the fun can earn free game time. For more information about the referral program, go to

“We’re excited to bring these updates to Auto Assault,” said Todd Keister, producer for Auto Assault at NCsoft. “These features really kick the game up a notch in terms of carnage, destruction, and meaningful content. For those who haven’t seen the game since beta, I really encourage you to check it out now. And be ready for more, because we’ve got additional enhancements in the works.”

Auto Assault is available at retailers in Europe as well as at the NCsoft online store at The game includes the first month of online game play. After the first month, players will be charged a monthly subscription fee of £8.99.

For more information on Auto Assault go to:


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