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Ridge Racer 7

We reported earlier this week that Namco had placed a teaser animation up on the official Ridge Racer 7 website. While that’s still there, Japanese uber-mag Famitsu has managed to get some details on the game’s various modes. Here are some highlights:

Ridge State Grand Prix: RR7’s main mode of play takes place in Ridge State, known as the place to be for motor sports. The mode consists of 160 races set on 44 courses (the 44 includes both normal and reverse courses). As you win races, you earn new cars and parts.

Online Battle
: This online race mode is expected to support 14 simultaneous players. In addition to competitive racing, the mode will feature cooperative play through relay, team battle and pair time attack options.

Global Time Attack: You face off against the world’s racers for the best time in this time attack mode. This mode also supports split screen play, allowing for two players to team up for pair time attack.

You can read the rest over at IGN.


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