TDU Review Scores Trickling In

Maserati in TDU

Update: Check out’s own TDU Review.

Just a week away from the game’s retail release, Atari has released some of the more favorable review scores Test Drive Unlimited has received thus far:

OXM 360 – 9/10
X360 – 9/10
360 – 4/5
EDGE – 8/10
Gamesmaster – 88%
FHM – 4/5
Fast Car Magazine – 9/10
Loaded – 4/5

While perhaps not the most authoritative sources in the world, they do establish a positive trend for the game that so many are hoping will be top-notch.


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  1. These are all in print mags, so not yet. But, I’d expect the bigger sites (IGN, etc.) to have their reviews up early next week.

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