Eurogamer Reviews Ridge Racers 2 on PSP

Ridge Racer 2 on PSP

And, in general, aren’t too impresed with the full-priced mild-update:

The menus, the graphics, the sounds, the loading prompts, the game structure, the multiplayer mode, the tracks, the cars, the controls, the HUD, the classes, the icons. These things don’t just look a bit the same; for the most part they actually are. The most distinctive thing in the first few hours is that it’s New Rally-X being played on the loading screen, not just Rally-X.

That’s because Ridge Racers 2 isn’t really the sequel the big “2” on the box suggests (the box looks the same, by the way). Instead it’s one of those popular-in-Japan remixes, featuring much the same content with a bit extra. Think of it as Ridge Racers: Final Mix.

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