Power Companies Love PS3

As seen at Kotaku some figures on the power usage of the PS3 have been revealed. It will suck down a massive 380 watts of power while running. That’s more than twice the 160 watts of the Xbox 360. I just happen to have a KILL A WATT device attached to my gaming PC right now, which has two optical drives and four hard drives, and that by comparison is using a rather modest 197 watts. Is the Cell that power hungry?

Not only will this mean about an $80 annual power bill if you play the PS3 for four hours a day, but of course all that power means a lot of heat. You’ve heard the complaints about Xbox 360 getting toasty, will the PS3 be twice as hot…?

For a visual comparison of what 380 watts will get you, check out our follow-up piece.

McRae’s DIRT Compared to Real Life

DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road

I’ve come across a few screens of DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road that haven’t been posted here yet. They show the same amazing level of detail as the other screens we featured earlier. The detail is so high that you can make out the muck-covered drivers’ names on the buggy above. That name is Corky McMillin and the buggy bears his blue, white, and red color scheme. Here’s the real thing:

Corky McMillin
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ATV Offroad Furies Reviewed

ATV Offroad Fury 4

Reviews for the PS2 version, ATV Offroad Fury 4, as well as the PSP version, ATV Offroad Fury Pro, have hit the web and most are quite positive. Here are a few samples.

GameSpot’s thoughts on Pro: :

The original ATV Offroad Fury Blazin’ Trails was a fun, fast off-road racer for the PlayStation Portable. While the gameplay formula hasn’t changed much in the follow-up, ATV Offroad Fury Pro dramatically ups the ante in terms of content. Simply put, there is an awful lot to do in ATV Offroad Fury Pro and much of it is a rollicking handheld good time.

GameSpy’s take on 4:

ATV Offroad Fury 4 does an impressive job of adding to what made the previous game such a hit. The game’s controls are simple enough for novice players to jump right into, but also have enough little intricacies to keep the interest of more experienced racing enthusiasts. The graphics and sounds have also been polished up quite a bit from the last game. The character and vehicle models are sharp, the tracks look great, and the animations do an excellent job of conveying a real sense of speed.

Japanese Sony Fans Shafted Again

Really, it’s the Europeans who are getting shafted the worst, not getting the console until sometime early next year. But, given this is Sony’s stomping grounds, Japanese gamers are surprisingly getting no respect at all. First, Sony announced they’d only be shipping 100,000 PS3 units to Japan. Now, according to IGN, they’re dropping that back to 80,000. Can we American gamers expect another reduction here, too? Could those of us clutching on to our deposit slips be left with nothing but paper on November 17? Time will tell…

New Forza 2 In-Game Footage

GameTrailers.com, who earlier brought us some hot looking footage of Gran Turismo HD, also has a new in-game video of Forza 2 to share. While it’s hard to tell from the grainy shaky-cam footage, the overall polish of the game doesn’t quite compare to what’s shown in GT HD. However, with the far more impressive engine sounds and of course crash damage, it may still come out ahead.

Clearly these two games are being positioned against each other, and as we get closer to their nebulous release dates it’s going to be great to see which ships first and, more importantly, which offers the better racing experience.

Autumn Xbox 360 Update Coming

Rumors started percolating this AM, and now we have the official confirmation about Microsoft’s Autumn Xbox 360 update, which will be virtually shipped to consoles on the morning of October 31, aka Halloween for many of you. Big improvements? Well, support for 1080p content and games is definitely big, as well as the ability to finally stream WMV files from non-Media Center PCs. Additionally, there will be a number of tweaks to make the browsing interface more streamlined and overall make cruising around on your Xbox 360 a little nicer. Still no web browser, but perhaps we’ll see that as a sort of Christmas present from MS later in the year? With both the Wii and PS3 offering browsing functionality, it’s a natural next step…

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See GT HD In Motion

Gran Turismo HD

In high-def, no less. GameTrailers has finally provided some luscious footage of the PS3 racer we’re all waiting to get our hands on: GT HD. You can download the footage here. In watching the video you can’t help but be impressed by the visuals. Check out the subtle light effects on the tires at the beginning and the way the car’s suspension reacts to the road. You may perhaps be disappointed by the invisible walls that keep the car on-track and the awful engine sounds, but visually, nothing out there right now compares.

Thanks to Stickee for the heads up.