Someone to Call You Buddy in rFactor

While rFactor has featured NASCAR-style vehicles and ovals for quite some time now, there’s always been missing: a spotter to call you Buddy, something just about every dedicated NASCAR game offers. Yes, not only are spotters doubly useful in racing games because your peripheral vision is much more limited than in real life, but golly gosh, a little encouragement from your cold, non-feeling gaming computer is always nice. rFactor modder Carl Maker is taking care of that with a Spotter mod to give you exactly that kind of feedback (and support), both in NASCAR-style games and also, as you can see in the video, in a rather more enunciated Formula-style too. The mod is still in development and an exact release date has not been announced, but with ISI helping out on this one, expect good things. You can read more at rFactor Central or discuss it at Race Sim Central.


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