Japanese Sony Fans Shafted Again

Really, it’s the Europeans who are getting shafted the worst, not getting the console until sometime early next year. But, given this is Sony’s stomping grounds, Japanese gamers are surprisingly getting no respect at all. First, Sony announced they’d only be shipping 100,000 PS3 units to Japan. Now, according to IGN, they’re dropping that back to 80,000. Can we American gamers expect another reduction here, too? Could those of us clutching on to our deposit slips be left with nothing but paper on November 17? Time will tell…


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  1. I think launch numbers are somewhat overrated. Unless they are ready to ship 5m+ at launch, it’dl always be sold-out and launch and there’d always be people left hanging. Much more interesting are the 3 months/6 months/12 months numbers.

    I wonder if MS will really manage to hit the 10m target by year’s end. Analysts say it’s somewhat unlikely.

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