Power Companies Love PS3

As seen at Kotaku some figures on the power usage of the PS3 have been revealed. It will suck down a massive 380 watts of power while running. That’s more than twice the 160 watts of the Xbox 360. I just happen to have a KILL A WATT device attached to my gaming PC right now, which has two optical drives and four hard drives, and that by comparison is using a rather modest 197 watts. Is the Cell that power hungry?

Not only will this mean about an $80 annual power bill if you play the PS3 for four hours a day, but of course all that power means a lot of heat. You’ve heard the complaints about Xbox 360 getting toasty, will the PS3 be twice as hot…?

For a visual comparison of what 380 watts will get you, check out our follow-up piece.


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  1. What I find odd though is that most hands-on report that the PSU is internal, yet the whole device is remarkably quiet. I wonder how many post-launch overheat stories there will be and how much time will pass until the first one screams for a class action suit.

    But then again they maybe learned from overheating batteries. 😀

  2. it is a huge increase from other consoles, that much is certain. but I wouldn’t get too wild about quoting duty cycles– just because it has a 380W PS does not mean that it’s drawing 380W when running. in fact it better be less..

    many gamer PCs have much larger power supplies than 380 watts. but yes, for a console, this is a huge increase.

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