What Will 380 Watts Buy You?

It’s just been revealed that the PS3 uses a massive 380 watts of power when running. That got me to thinking…what else can you do with 380 watts?

Mixer - 250 Watts

First off, your typical kitchen mixer, capable of literally turning ingredients into mincemeat, sucks down a relatively light 250 watts.

AMP - 380 watts

You can run this amp and drive two speakers at 190 watts each, or one at 380 watts.

Bass Amp - 380 watts

For you rockers, this bass amp with a 15” woofer also uses 380 watts.

Saltwater Pump - 380 Watts

You can pump 3600 gallons per hour into your saltwater fish tank.

Plasma - 380 Watts

Watch some telly on this 50” plasma TV.
Sony CRT - 190 Watts

Or, go for the visual stereo effect with two of these 34” Sony CRT televisions.

LCD TV - 50 Watts

Or, maybe go a little crazy and watch eight of these 15” LCD TVs at once.

Adhesive Melt - 380 Watt

Melt some dry adhesive with this DYNAMELT S series melter.

Heating Mantle - 380 Watts

Finally, you can heat up flasks to a whopping 842°F (450°C) with this Glas-Col Spherical Heating Mantle.

Tire Warmer - 450 Watts

Oh, and in case you were wondering, you cannot run a tire warmer for 380 watts…but it’s close The above superbike front-wheel warmer draws 450 watts as it brings the tire up to 211°F (99°C).


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