New Gran Turismo HD Trailer

The game may or may not be a long way off, but we at least have some new footage to show off. This new trailer highlights the Nissan entries in the game, effectively giving us an evolution of the Skyline from modest beginnings up to the rather luscious and streamlined, though less aggressive looking, latest installation. However, don’t be fooled: while the earlier scenes in the above video are in-game, the last, immaculately detailed screens of the latest Skyline iteration are footage of the real car itself.

Those looking for a higher-res version can download one at WorthPlaying.

Nintendo Still On Track to Sell 4 Million

Before the launch, vociferous Nintendo exec Reggie Fils-Aime predicted Nintendo could not only ship, but could sell four million Wii consoles before the end of the year. While both Microsoft and Sony are having to step back from earlier sales predictions, Reggie is sticking to his guns, saying “All systems are go for reaching the 4-million target we have in our financials by December 31…We will sell everything we make so now it’s simply a manufacturing thing.” You can read more at

Namco’s PS3 Games Require Half-Million Sales to be Profitable

Ridge Racer 7

According to this Bloomberg report (seen at, Namco is saying they need to post some impressive sales on every PS3 title sold just to turn a profit, moving 500,000 copies just to break even. This includes Ridge Racer 7, which effectively is just a port of Ridge Racer 6 and so should have had its development costs greatly reduced when compared to a fresh title.

How many titles have they sold so far? Well, it’s hard to say, but RR 7 was the hottest selling PS3 launch title in Japan and according to earlier reports sold just 30,000 copies there. Surely US sales were more impressive, but it’s unlikely worldwide sales have topped 100,000. How many games must they sell to make a profit on the Wii? Half that of the PS3, or a much more realistic 250,000 units.

Is MotorStorm the Ultimate Evolution of the Racing Game?

According to this video it is, and not even the real MotorStorm, but that faked CG one shown at E3 two years back. Similarly, the video claims the pre-rendered Killzone 2 video is the pinnacle of the FPS. Okay, so we can disagree on those points, but the video is still a very interesting trip down memory lane, and an impressive vision of just how far we’ve come.

Thanks to reader Notorious for the heads up

Spotter Plugin for rFactor Released

The Italian version, anyway. So, if you can understand this paragraph, you should be all set:

Il plugin non causa alcuna perdita di framerate a fronte di un leggero aumento di memoria Ram impiegata variabile. Spero possiate apprezzare oltre ai sacrifici e ai pacchi di sigarette a gogo,il lavoro matto nel tempo libero, di gente ke cerca di fare qualcosa x la comunity dell OnLineRacing x arricchirci a vicenda.

Italian would-be racers can download from rFactor Central, or read more at DrivingItalia.NET. An English version is due out in the next week, so we’re not too badly off. And, if you have no idea what we’re talking about check out this video, and the one before it, showing off the value and extra immersion afforded by a spotter in a racing sim like rFactor.

Project Gotham Goes Mobile

Vanquish in PGR

Still can’t get enough Project Gotham Racing, but can’t be at home all the time? Perhaps we have the game for you. Glu Mobile is taking the series to the small screens, the very small screens of your cell phones. The graphics are predictably simplistic, as you can see in the above Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, but they are playable, and if you check out the other screens at Team Xbox, you’ll see that the familiar kudos-based gameplay is intact, including what looks like a cone challenge.

Only seven cars will be available, but with a selection ranging from the Lamborghini Gallardo up to the Toyota GT One, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be wanting for speed when it hits “major wireless carriers” sometime early next year.

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SimHQ Hands On G25

SimHQ Reviews G25

SimHQ is beginning one of their famous reviews, this time covering Logitech’s fancy new G25 wheel, which offers a clutch pedal, an H-pattern shifter, and a leather-wrapped wheel that swings through 900 degrees of rotation. Part one of the review has just been posted, which covers the unboxing and installation in seven pages of exquisite detail:

From the moment you open the box, you’ll realize the production values are quite high on the G25. Upon removing the protective plastic bags, your olfactory system is immediately treated to the smell of fresh leather on the wheel and shifter, and your eyes will feast on the stainless-steel wheel spokes, paddle shifters and pedal feet.

The G25’s press kit says that “the wheel, shifter and pedals are made with premium materials such as stainless steel and leather, delivering the look and feel of parts from a race car cockpit” Really, the G25 looks more like it came from an elegant touring car rather than a bare-bones race application. It sure does look mighty fine on my gaming rig’s desktop.

Parts 2-4 will follow in short order. Make sure you’ve got your reading glasses handy.

Sony Stays Mum on PS3 Sales

It didn’t take more than a few days to figure out that Sony shipped around 80,000 PS3’s to Japanese gamers for the system’s home launch. But, more than a week later, we still have nothing more than analyst estimates to go by if we want to know just how well the system fared in the Americas. Does Sony simply have nothing to prove, or are they instead playing coy thanks to missing their even lowered estimates? Given that they’re currently bragging about how well the PSP and PS2 are selling to GameSpot, it sure sounds like the latter to me.