Japanese PS3 Launch Numbers

IGN has already managed to compile the launch numbers for the PS3. It seems Sony did a little better than the 80,000 they’d earlier promised, selling 88,400 consoles (33,800 20 gig models and 54,600 60 gigers). Ridge Racer 7 wound up being the premier seller with 30,300 copies sold, but the real news is the atrocious attach rate: just 0.98. In other words, there were actually fewer games than consoles sold. This means a lot of consoles were purchased with no games only to be listed on EBay and the like for a profit. This is seriously bad news for Sony; if they can’t get the attach rate much higher in the US the losses they’re suffering for each console sold will never be offset by licensing fees in games. By comparison, the Xbox 360 is currently enjoying a 4.6 attach rate.


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