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SimHQ Reviews G25

SimHQ is beginning one of their famous reviews, this time covering Logitech’s fancy new G25 wheel, which offers a clutch pedal, an H-pattern shifter, and a leather-wrapped wheel that swings through 900 degrees of rotation. Part one of the review has just been posted, which covers the unboxing and installation in seven pages of exquisite detail:

From the moment you open the box, you’ll realize the production values are quite high on the G25. Upon removing the protective plastic bags, your olfactory system is immediately treated to the smell of fresh leather on the wheel and shifter, and your eyes will feast on the stainless-steel wheel spokes, paddle shifters and pedal feet.

The G25’s press kit says that “the wheel, shifter and pedals are made with premium materials such as stainless steel and leather, delivering the look and feel of parts from a race car cockpit” Really, the G25 looks more like it came from an elegant touring car rather than a bare-bones race application. It sure does look mighty fine on my gaming rig’s desktop.

Parts 2-4 will follow in short order. Make sure you’ve got your reading glasses handy.


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