Sony Stays Mum on PS3 Sales

It didn’t take more than a few days to figure out that Sony shipped around 80,000 PS3’s to Japanese gamers for the system’s home launch. But, more than a week later, we still have nothing more than analyst estimates to go by if we want to know just how well the system fared in the Americas. Does Sony simply have nothing to prove, or are they instead playing coy thanks to missing their even lowered estimates? Given that they’re currently bragging about how well the PSP and PS2 are selling to GameSpot, it sure sounds like the latter to me.


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  1. I’ve heard 89k and 81k being thrown around for Japan, but Media Create says 81k.

    Some speculated that it was only 200k in NA.

  2. Sony can hardly keep their mouth shut when they have a marginal fuck up. For them to be quite now, means something went seriously bad for them. And I’d bet developers are really curious to see how the Wii fairs. Rumor has already over 600k in circulation, vs an optimistic 400k. If the Wii keeps hitting the shelf, and the PS3 turns out to be a lot less than 200k, developers will bail.

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