Project Gotham Goes Mobile

Vanquish in PGR

Still can’t get enough Project Gotham Racing, but can’t be at home all the time? Perhaps we have the game for you. Glu Mobile is taking the series to the small screens, the very small screens of your cell phones. The graphics are predictably simplistic, as you can see in the above Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, but they are playable, and if you check out the other screens at Team Xbox, you’ll see that the familiar kudos-based gameplay is intact, including what looks like a cone challenge.

Only seven cars will be available, but with a selection ranging from the Lamborghini Gallardo up to the Toyota GT One, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be wanting for speed when it hits “major wireless carriers” sometime early next year.

Glu Unveils Vehicle Lineup for Project Gotham Racing® Mobile

Leading Mobile Publisher Puts Drivers Behind the Wheel of Today’s Hottest Cars

London, UK. – November 28, 2006 – Glu Mobile, a leading global publisher of mobile games, today unveiled the vehicle lineup for the much-anticipated launch of the mobile version of Project Gotham Racing® (PGR®), the no. 1 action-oriented racing franchise on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system. PGR Mobile, which will be available to consumers on major wireless carriers around the world in early 2007, is currently being developed for multiple mobile platforms, including Microsoft® Windows Mobile®.

“PGR has set the standard in racing video games, and Glu is striving to make the mobile game as compelling and exciting an experience as Microsoft has done with the franchise,” said Jill Braff, general manager of the Americas, Glu Mobile. “From the physics and graphics in the game to the lineup of today’s hottest cars, we’re offering consumers the most compelling, authentic action-oriented racing game on mobile.”

In a recent preview in which PGR for Mobile was given the “One to Watch” award, said, “PGR is the new kid on the block and is looking to gain notoriety, and already in its current form has impressive visuals, controls and racing action, enough so to possibly make it one of the elite brands on mobile.”

Each vehicle’s unique physics and engine specifications including top speed and horsepower will be emulated in the game to give an authentic driving experience. Gamers will have the choice of seven of today’s hottest cars for PGR Mobile, including:

• Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
• Cadillac® Sixteen™
• Ford GT
• Honda NSX-R
• Lamborghini Gallardo
• AMG-Mercedes C-DTM 2006
• Toyota GT One

“The Project Gotham Racing franchise is loved by millions worldwide, and we’re excited to partner with Glu to give gamers a new platform to enjoy it on in the near future,” said Edward Ventura, director of franchise development, Microsoft.

The critically acclaimed Project Gotham Racing series, known for its incredible roster of hot cars and unique kudos point system, is a top-selling racing franchise on the Xbox® video game system. PGR 3 is currently one of the most popular games on Xbox 360. The success of PGR stems from an innovative approach that proves it’s not just about how fast you drive, but how you drive fast.

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