Spotter Plugin for rFactor Released

The Italian version, anyway. So, if you can understand this paragraph, you should be all set:

Il plugin non causa alcuna perdita di framerate a fronte di un leggero aumento di memoria Ram impiegata variabile. Spero possiate apprezzare oltre ai sacrifici e ai pacchi di sigarette a gogo,il lavoro matto nel tempo libero, di gente ke cerca di fare qualcosa x la comunity dell OnLineRacing x arricchirci a vicenda.

Italian would-be racers can download from rFactor Central, or read more at DrivingItalia.NET. An English version is due out in the next week, so we’re not too badly off. And, if you have no idea what we’re talking about check out this video, and the one before it, showing off the value and extra immersion afforded by a spotter in a racing sim like rFactor.


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