Namco’s PS3 Games Require Half-Million Sales to be Profitable

Ridge Racer 7

According to this Bloomberg report (seen at, Namco is saying they need to post some impressive sales on every PS3 title sold just to turn a profit, moving 500,000 copies just to break even. This includes Ridge Racer 7, which effectively is just a port of Ridge Racer 6 and so should have had its development costs greatly reduced when compared to a fresh title.

How many titles have they sold so far? Well, it’s hard to say, but RR 7 was the hottest selling PS3 launch title in Japan and according to earlier reports sold just 30,000 copies there. Surely US sales were more impressive, but it’s unlikely worldwide sales have topped 100,000. How many games must they sell to make a profit on the Wii? Half that of the PS3, or a much more realistic 250,000 units.


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