New Gran Turismo HD Trailer

The game may or may not be a long way off, but we at least have some new footage to show off. This new trailer highlights the Nissan entries in the game, effectively giving us an evolution of the Skyline from modest beginnings up to the rather luscious and streamlined, though less aggressive looking, latest installation. However, don’t be fooled: while the earlier scenes in the above video are in-game, the last, immaculately detailed screens of the latest Skyline iteration are footage of the real car itself.

Those looking for a higher-res version can download one at WorthPlaying.


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  1. nope, not in game, all replays can easily be enhanced, learn what you are looking at

  2. That video seemed like a waste, the car models weren’t that great (ignoring the Nissan advertisement at the end) and you didn’t see any scenery. The driving also still feels wooden, cars seem to pivot on a single axis. I was hoping for a better demo with multiple cars or something. 🙁

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