MotorStorm Delayed


It’s been known for awhile that we still have a long wait before we non-Japanese gamers can get their hands on anything but a demo of MotorStorm. The Japanese, however, had been expecting it to be a launch title. Well, it didn’t make it then, being pushed back to December 7, and now according to IGN it’s been pushed back another week due to “production-related concerns.”

They didn’t specify whether the concerns were relating to production of the game or the console…

More Off-Roading for Wii

Excite Truck, despite being fun, didn’t exactly get a hugely warm reception from the critics for the Wii’s US launch last week. Publisher Conspiracy Entertainment and developer Broadsword Interactive are hoping to succeed where it came up short with not one but two Baja-themed off-road racers. Given Broadsword’s only other racer experience was the rather forgettable Paris-Dakar Rally on the PS2 perhaps we shouldn’t be too optimistic, but we’ll try to stay positive.

Anyhow, the first, Baja Mania, is the more realistic sounding of the two, but this will likely be far from a sim. The game will offer nine total vehicles split into buggies, six-wheeled cats, and eight-wheeled trucks racing across a whole three types of terrain covering what they claim is “an arena of approximately 400 sq. metres.” Hopefully they meant 400 sq. kilometers.

Baja Destruction is the second title, described as “Mad Max meets Baja racing.” Again we’re talking about nine vehicle types split into three vehicle classes, three terrain types, and again it all takes place in “an arena of approximately 400 sq. metres.” The big difference here is that the vehicles will have guns, and those terrain types will include the moon.

The games, also hitting the PS2, will feature tilt-steering for the Wii, which is a good thing. However, the concept of shipping what sounds like the same game with two different coats of paint at the same time may not sit well with gamers. We’ll find out early next year.

The Cars of Carnage

The Cars of Carnage

Last week we brought you the first solid info and screens on Carnage, the upcoming vehicular MMO for the Xbox 360 and PC. Now we have some more information to share, namely the cars. They’ve announced three: Bouncer, Hugger, and Roadster. Bouncer is the biggest, an SUV with plenty of girth and weapons mounting points. Roadster is the next heaviest, a RWD-based vehicle that, by the sounds, will be the default starter car. Finally, Hugger is the the lightest, and is the car we got a glimpse of before.

Seen as a clinical machine, the Hugger is able to destroy more powerful foes in the hands of a talented driver, but has little space to mount targeting aids or damage limitation systems and is very vulnerable to heavy calibre weapons. The hugger can mount a medium size turret weapon and a medium armament but only has a single component slot and equipment bay.

The customization and configuration aspects of the game sounds like it could provide a lot of depth. And, if indeed these are the only three platforms to choose from, the customization had better be very extensive indeed!

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Nintendo Moves 600,000 Wii

I still don’t think anyone’s agreed on whether it’s Wii or Wiis, but regardless, Nintendo has already shipped and sold a ton of them; more than 600,000 by their count in the eight days after launch. Zelda was predictably the biggest seller, coming in with 454,000 copies sold. Still no word on attach rates (how many games Wii shoppers purchased), but all signs are good. You can read more about the release numbers at

Next-Gen Console eBay Update

Eurogamer has taken a retrospective look at how the PS3 and Wii fared on eBay. The numbers are a little surprising. Everyone remembers those crazy highs that were achieved right after the PS3’s US launch, but, as it turns out, those were far from the norm. The PS3’s average sale price the week after release was $1,186, or $1,370 if you go back before the release. Wii prices were predictably more affordable, averaging $412 after release ($428 including pre-release activity). A much lower mark, but considering the retail price of the console, it’s a similar profit margin.

Currently the 20 gig PS3 models seem to be selling consistently in the $700-$750 range, while 60 gig models hovering around $1,000 and Nintendo Wii’s are still hitting $400.

Corvette Evolution GT Reviewed

Corvette Evolution GT

Love American muscle? Well, right now there’s not much better on the road than the Corvette, and Milestone Studios, developers of Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo and Super-Bikes: Riding Challenge, has created a PS2 game celebrating them…as well as some other GM and VAG products like Audi’s and VW’s. It’s another one of those games that attempts to bring the spirit and pressures of racing to the fold in addition to the handling and abilities of the car, and according to this IGN review, it doesn’t exactly succeed:

In the Corvette world, intimidation is a big thing. It’s even a “Really Big Thing.” If someone drives right behind you, you can be intimidated. This can deplete the concentration meter and if it’s completely gone, you’ll get a Knockout. This makes the road harder to see as the vision gets blurry and a loud breathing noise starts up. It’s all meant to simulate the experience of feeling nervous with another driver breathing down your throat and it’s all a fat load of crap.

The problem with the intimidation is that it can cause all sorts of artificial situations. Granted, it can be nerve-wracking to have someone right behind you, but that’s the nature of the race. Watching the concentration meter go down is a reason to start driving badly as you try to avoid getting a Knockout. In a sense, this causes a premature KO and can give an opening to anyone behind you. Often it’s to your advantage to block someone else’s path, like on a turn (which, you know, can happen very often… dozens of times per race, for example).

The game is out now for American PS2’s for the budget price of $15. No word on a Euro release.

An Aussie Look at Pro Racer Driver 3


The Australian wing of IGN (didn’t know they had one, did ya?) has written up a preview of that country’s version of the Pro Racer Driver series, appropriately titled V8 Supercars 3 Shootout. By the sounds, this is shaping up to be the must-have PSP racer for Europeans and Aussies:

This is a challenging game that makes no apologies for the amount of time and skill required to get the most out of it. Fans of power-sliding and ramming into your competitors at high speeds will learn a harsh lesson. Smacking into another car is tantamount to forfeiting the race. Your car will sustain damage to one of several different key areas, including engine, body, steering and wheels – this might lead to loss of power, severely crippled ability to steer, slower gear shifting and more. A worst case scenario leaves your car a crumpled heap, unable to continue the race.

You can read the rest of the preview here. Europeans can look for TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge on December 1, while the Australian version will hit on December 12. We Americans will have to make due with the earlier Race Driver 2006.