Eurogamer’s Top 50 of 2006

Eurogamer is currently in the process of counting down their top 50 games of the year, having made it to just outside the top 10. Not surprisingly, there are a number of racers on there, starting with Test Drive Unlimited at #23, described as:

Flawed and clumsy in places, this was still the first truly original serious driving game since Gran Turismo. The sense of dangerous, barely controlled power in real-world conditions is totally exhilarating.

Next up is OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast at #20:

The purest example of what driving games should be, not what they are. Rather than being a bore-o-simulator mostly about simulating all the details of tarmac and brake ratios, it simulates only the sheer pleasure of jumping in a ludicrously fast sports car that you could never afford and driving faster than is humanly possible.

TOCA Race Driver 3 comes in at #18:

Motorsport done right. It’s a little overweight and not every class works, but when they do, TOCA serves up the best technical close racing on any console.

We should be seeing the top 10 here in the next day. What will be #1? We know it won’t be Gears of War at least…


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  1. My guess: Wii Sports. Or perhaps Zelda.
    FF-XII will probably be 4. or 5., behind Wii Sports, Zelda, Gears and perhaps another game I’m underrating right now.

    GTR2 might be on 7. or 8.

  2. This year they’ve given top score to FF XII and Oblivion, so chances are it’s one of those two…I’d probably give the nod to Oblivion, but that’s just me.

  3. Hah, Oblivion. Forgot about that one. For some reason my mind bills it as 2005 title. Seems like it has been released a really long time ago. I’d say that’s the missing title in my Top 5.

    I don’t know if the single review scores will matter that much when several contributors pitch in. Gears and Wii Sports have been reviewed by single persons, not even by two reviewers like they do for some high-profile titles, and I’m not sure the scores are representative for the whole of the EuroGamer office.

    I think we need user accounts and a betting system for gaming news with some kind of virtual currency. 😀

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