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Wired has posted up their Vaporware awards for 2006, and while the winner of the contest may be no surprise for Duke Nukem fans, the #7 entry may be. That spot was awarded to Gran Turismo Mobile, the supposed PSP launch title that, well, seems to have never existed in the first place. Chris Kohler of Wired explains:

It’s not even so much the fact that it’s vaporware as the sheer hubris of the whole thing. It was one of the first PSP titles shown, and in fact it was the best thing PSP had going for it at E3 2004. They even showed the box and disc art as if it was already in manufacture. But it was later found out that it was basically just a mock-up video and that they aren’t even actively working on it.

The continued audacity and failures of Polyphony Digital are well beyond the point of laughable at this point. Most recently of course it was GT HD, not one but two fully featured online racing games that were initially said to be in our hands by now. What do we get instead? A 10 car demo…


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  1. Oh, come one, can you get really angry over games not being released? If people already had down payments on it, I could understand some amount of irritation. But not having invested anything yet, I just can’t get riled about that.
    At least the demo was free, even had its first patch and produced some generally favourable first impressions. (At least from those that accept it as being more a proof-of-concept/tech demo than a fully featured game or even demo of another fully featured game.)
    From the videos and shots I’ve seen it’s again fantastic art direction, looking at the composition, colours, shaders, textures and modelling, even if the content is still WIP and not quite finished. Physics are supposedly slightly upgraded, but the sound has not been improved and seems to use GT4 samples.
    At least it makes me quite confident to predict that it will be a stunningly good-looking title and move more than a handful of units.

    What I don’t get though, is why PD’s projects always slip. They run a huge operation, their employees put in a lot of hours and they clearly have some talented artists and programmers, so even if the management was only half as competent as the development side, there’d be no reason for any mismanagement. Yet, they are infamous for it and the delays on each and every title are pretty tiring.

    Now, GT4 Mobile will either become their first vaporware title and never materialize or Sony will pump money into it and make its release coincide with the launch of a PSP facelift or shortly thereafter.

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