Pimp My Ride Reviewed

Pimp My Ride

IGN has reviewed the interactive version of Pimp My Ride. The reviewer’s findings are not surprising:

People have been wandering over to my desk all week, asking me what I think of the latest Activision Value title. The answer is always the same.


It’s too bad, too, because there’s potential in Pimp My Ride for a solid game. I also just sent a friend request on Myspace to Xzibit, the host of the MTV turn-your-hoopty-into-headturner reality show. And frankly I want him to accept so I can slip him casually into my Top 8 and be the envy of all my friends. Thankfully, his Myspace page is plastered on the back of the Pimp My Ride box, which may just be the best part about this misguided effort.


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