Suzuki Goes 360 at San Diego Auto Show

Suzuki Xbox

Suzuki is showing off a 360-infused version of their new AWD SX4 model, the car they’ll be bringing to the WRC in the near future. Is it a hopped up beast with a massive turbo, re-worked internals, and trick differentials? Sadly, no. As usual in the California tuning scene it’s all about the look, and with this one the look is at least functional. The “concept” car, called the SXBox, has an integrated Xbox 360 and a series of screens that allow gamers in the rear seats to play on headrest-mounted LCDs, while gamers in the front can play on the pop-up hood’s projector screen. Very slick…for those who want a car that’s more fun when sitting in parking lots than when on the road.

You can read more about the SXBox at Team Xbox, or see more pictures at Jalopnik from its earlier LA Auto Show debut. The San Diego Auto Show runs until January 1.


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