Massive Richard Burns Rally Mod Released

Richard Burns Rally

As seen at SimHQ, a new mod for Richard Burns Rally called RSRBR IV has been released, a follow-up to the earlier RSRBR mods. This one includes a massive 120 cars and 108 stages in a 620 meg bundle. Installation, though, seems to be a bit on the complicated side, as should be expected with most RBR mods. Instructions are available below, while you can also download the mod, plus an update, at WWW.RALLYESIM.COM.


– Download RSRBR IV here:
– Extract RSRBR4.ZIP in your RBR Folder
– Run RSRBR4_installation.BAT
– After VB6 Component, don’t reboot your PC (press “Cancel”)
– When DOS window closes itself, installation is finished

– Download BUG1 : “GAME CRASH” here :
– Extract in your RBR Folder, press “Replace older file”

Put all Maps textures in your RBR folder and install them.

If you have some problems :
– Go here
– Download file to resolve your problem

Apply new update


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