Eurogamer Gushes on MotorStorm

MotorStorm on PS3

Eurogamer reviewer Tom Bramwell has written up a lengthy review that largely praises the merits of Sony’s premier PS3 racer, MotorStorm, saying that while it may be a rather simple racer in many ways, it’s bloody good fun:

This is no game of driving to the end of the road and going left. It’s about constant adjustment as you’re buffeted by the terrain, angling your buggy, car or whatever to cushion your landing whenever you’re rocked free of the ground. It’s about using the handbrake and the boost buttons as much as the clutch, because traction’s at a premium and momentum’s often your biggest foe. Every race has the endless need to compensate of a rally game, along with the depth of choice and epic scope familiar to fans of the first two, long-form SSX games.

However, it’s apparently not perfect, scoring 8/10. Perhaps this leaves room for a point or two to be added when the later, multiplayer-infused release comes along?


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  1. A EuroGamer 8/10 is nothing to scoff at, seeing as several premier AAA titles scored that as well.
    Ah, one could really start yet another debate about rating inflation and disparity on and between gaming sites. Feeding my gaming prediction habit, I see a high 8.X (8.7?) coming from IGN and a low 9.X (9.3) from GameSpot. Now I just need an online bookie that deals with gaming news to waste my money on. 😛

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