US MotorStorm to be 1080p

MotorStorm on PS3

The list of upgrades for the US release of MotorStorm, just over a month away, continues to grow. Now according to this report at I4U News (seen at Evil Avatar) we can look forward to 1080p gameplay in addition to the earlier announced 12-player online multi and, perhaps most exciting of all, the ability to race at night. Whoo.

The higher resolution is good news for those with 1080p native HDTV sets, but somewhat bad news for others with 720p TVs thanks to the PS3’s unfortunate lack of scaling hardware. If the game doesn’t handle scaling internally (like the GT HD demo does) they may be stuck relying on their sets to handle some the conversion internally, something that may slap a little extra mud on the otherwise stellar looking visuals.

UPDATE: This is another PR mixup from Sony. The game is actually 720p. Read more here.


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