Edge Interviews MotorStorm Devs, WRC for PS3 Discussed

MotorStorm on PS3

Edge Online has published a rather lazy-man’s interview with MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, lazy because they let the readers submit all the questions. The interview covers a variety of topics, from voice chat to split-screen gameplay, also touching on the (mostly) highly regarded WRC series for the PS2, also from Evolution, specifically asking when we can expect to see that franchise hit the PS3. It seems, however, that Sony has lost the rights to the WRC series and doesn’t sound all that particularly interested in picking it up again:

I want to know what’s happening with the WRC series: will it be coming to the PS3? If news is scarce, when could we expect some news?

MS: This is more a question for an ‘Ask the publisher’ session! For some time we didn’t admit it publicly, but the truth is that we have not done any WRC work since Rally Evolved shipped. SCEE and ISC (the rights holders) are still having executive conversations, but the licence expired last year and the future of the WRC franchise is anyone’s guess. It doesn’t help that the sport recently lost several key car manufacturers.

Thanks to Loudninja for the heads up


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