Vista vs. XP – Performance Numbers are In

FiringSquad has the first in what looks to be a two-part comparo of Windows XP vs. Vista in terms of gaming performance. This first one compares AMD (formerly ATI) cards on the two operating systems, and impressively increases were found in most cases, as much as 15% in Battlefield 2142! Granted, there were also some stability issues and other glitches that may make some wary to upgrade at least until the next rev of Vista drivers are released, but otherwise things are looking surprisingly good…at least on the AMD front. We’ll see about nVidia products soon.


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  1. Yea, and I feel MS are somewhat artificially tempting gamers to upgrade to get DX10 etc. I mean I don’t blame them for creating more appeal for their new product and sooner or later things have to change to improve.

    Still I’m not upgrading to Vista just yet either. I’ll be waiting at least until the end of the year – after ironing out bugs, after more dx10 gfx card options exist, and after more games have shifted their attention to dx10. Until then dx9 and xp will have to do…even for crysis! 😀

  2. Apparently Soundblaster XFi doesn’t have signed 64bit Vista drivers yet, so discrete sound is a no-go so far. I definitely wont be ugrading ’til at least that has been sorted! :s

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