New FlatOut Coming to Xbox 360

FlatOut Carnage

FlatOut, last year’s Best Racer according to X-Play (don’t blame me), is finally going next-gen. FlatOut: Carnage is due for the Xbox 360 in June and, as you can see from the attached pics, looks a good bit better than the generally quite impressive looking FlatOut 2. The extra horsepower means we’ll see more cars on track (12), more things to crash into on track (8,000), along with some new online multiplayer modes that we’ll hopefully find out about before too long here.

FlatOut Carnage

Interestingly FlatOut and FlatOut 2 launched simultaneously on both the Xbox and PS2. However, so far this one’s looking exclusive to the 360. Will the PS3 get its own FlatOut later, or is this the end of the road for the franchise on Sony soil?


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