MotorStorm Online Play Detailed

MotorStorm on PS3

We’re just about a month (give or take) away from the international release of MotorStorm, the new version with modestly improved visuals and some other tweaks, most notably online play. A foreign site has posted up hands-on impressions of this updated version and they seem to like it. In fact, they seem to like it a little too much, being awfully forgiving about a number of points:

There’s no online leaderboard, it’s all kept really simple and clean with no over-complex clans or leagues or anything like that, its all about racing. There are stats you can check out like how many races you have won, which vehicle type you’ve used the most and least, times lost and so on. You do also gain fame by racing online, not quite sure how you build this since a a few wins online still had mine at zero.

Online leaderboards and leagues are considered too complex for racing games and we’re better off without them? Forgive me for disagreeing.

Thanks to wotter for the heads up.


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